The Pine tree was made the official state tree in
1939, paying tribute to the state's timber resources and
reforestation projects.  Shortleaf pine, loblolly pine,
longleaf pine, and slash pine are all native to Arkansas,
however, one was not specified over the others.  As of
2005, 5 million of all the forested acres in Arkansas were
either pine or mixed pine forests.  Pine is considered one
of the few renewable resources for the  state and plays a
major economic role.  Generally, pine trees are 100-150
Arkansas is endowed with many unique   
and spectacular wonders of nature.  Want to go white
water rafting? Head to Cossatot River in western
Arkansas.  Want to go mine for diamonds?  Visit 
Crater of Diamonds State Park, which is the eighth
largest diamond-bearing deposit in surface area in the
world. How about fishing? White river has some of the
best fishing in the country, boasting record rainbow
and brown trout! Arkansas is a treasure trove of
activities for the outdoor enthusiast.  Over half of the
state is covered in forests and more than 9,000
The Natural State, 'The People Rule'
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Native Trees of Arkansas
State Tree: Pine Tree
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white flower with reddish tips on Cornus florida
•  Arkansas Native Trees A to Z
•  Arkansas Tree Facts
•  Arkansas Tree Families and Species
•  Endangered/Threatened Species
•  Tree Nurseries in Arkansas
Shortleaf Pine, Pinus echinata
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Arkansas Tree Facts
Forested acres: 18.7 million
Percent of land forested:
Rank among states for percentage of forested land: 3rd
Predominant forest type: Oak-Hickory, 7.75 million acres
Number of Tree city USA communities: 45
Number of invasive trees/shrubs: 23
(see state list for noxious/invasive plants)
Number of invasive insects: 13
Non-native insect threats: Black Turpentine Beetle, Columbian Timber Beetle... Read more
Number of tree families in our collection: 38
Number of endangered or threatened species in our collection:

Arkansas Forestry Association, 2013.
Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture
Eastern Forest Threat Center

Additional state resources:
Arkansas Forestry Association
Arkansas State Parks
USDA Forest Service, National Parks
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Follow the links to view species native to Arkansas. If the genus is not linked, species are listed on the family page.

Aceraceae, Maple
Anacardiaceae, Sumac
    Rhus, Sumac
    Toxicodendron, Poison Oak
Annonaceae, Custard Apple
Aquifoliaceae, Holly Family
    Ilex, Holly
     Betula, Birch
     Carpinus, Hornbeam
     Corylus, Hazelnut
     Ostrya, Hophornbeam
Bignoniaceae, Trumpet Creeper
     Catalpa, Catalpa
     Chilopsis, Desert Willow
    Viburnum, Viburnum
Cornaceae, Dogwood
    Cornus, Dogwood
    Nyssa, Tupelo
Cupressaceae- Cypress
    Juniperus, Juniper
    Taxodium, Bald cypress
Arkansas Tree Families and Genera
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Useful information while browsing species:

How to read a botanical name

• How to use our species boxes:
        -Color denotes a tree that is rare or endangered
Please note: This is not a complete list of all native tree families and species found in Arkansas. We are constantly working towards a more comprehensive list and will add families and their species as completed. 
Additional Resources:

North American Native Tree Families
North American A to Z List by Scientific Name
North American A to Z List by Common Name
Ebenaceae, Ebony
    Diospyros, Persimmon
Ericaceae, Heath
Fabaceae, Pea
Fagaceae, Beech
    Quercus, Oak
Hamamelidaceae, Witch-hazel
Hippocastanaceae, Horse-chestnut
Juglandaceae, Walnut
    Carya, Hickory
    Juglans, Walnut
Lauraceae, Laurel
    Persea, Bay
Leitneriaceae, Corkwood
Magnoliacae, Magnolia
Moraceae, Mulberry
    Morus, Mulberry
Myricaceae, Bayberry
    Morella, Bayberry
Oleaceae, Olive Family
    Fraxinus, Ash
Pinaceae, Pine
    Pinus, Pine
Rhamnaceae, Buckthorn
    Crataegus, Hawthorn
    Malus, Crab-apple
    Prunus, Plum/Cherry
Rubiaceae, Madder
Rutaceae, Rue
Salicaceae, Willow
    Populus, Cottonwood
    Salix, Willow
Sapindaceae, Soapberry
Sapotaceae, Sapodilla
Styracaceae, Storax
Symplocaceae, Sweetleaf
Tiliaceae, Lindon
    Tilia, Basswood
Ulmaceae, Elm
    Celtis, Hackberry
    Ulmus, Elm
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Arkansas Endangered or Threatened Tree Species
Additional Resources:

North American Rare and Endangered Trees

External Links:
This is not a comprehensive list but we are always working on adding more and will update accordingly.

Threatened Tree Species:

Carya pallida, Sand hickory
Ilex verticillata, Winterberry holly
Quercus acerifolia, Maple-leaved oak
Quercus sinuata, Durand's white oak, Bigelow Oak

Endangered Tree Species:

Halesia diptera, Two-wing silverbell
Lindera melissifolia, Pondberry
Magnolia macrophylla, Bigleaf magnolia
Persea palustris, Red bay
Salix sericea, Silky willow
Stewartia malacodendron, Silky camellia
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Loblolly Pine bark, Pinus taeda, and
needles of Longleaf Pine, Pinus palustris.
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miles of hiking trails meander through the many State Parks and 2 National Forests.         
    In northern Arkansas,  Blanchard Springs Caverns, billed as The "Living" Cave, holds
ancient underground marvels and, staying a steady 58 F year round, is a great way to spend
a hot summer day.  You could also hike in the oak and hickory forests of the unusual
Ouchita Mountain Range, which is one of only a few mountain ranges that run east and
west, or head northwest to the Ozark Mountains and visit  Mt. Magazine, Arkansas' highest
    The great eastern pine forest extends into the southern half of the state and there you can
hike through towering loblolly, longleaf and shortleaf pines and enjoy a less rugged terrain. 
For the drivers or those seeking a more laid back pleasure, Arkansas has over 160 miles
split up over 6 nationally-designated scenic byways and boasts some of the most beautiful
fall colors during late October.  Whether its water sports, caves, diamond mines, or hiking, if
there's anything you'd like to do that involves being out in nature, Arkansas seems to have
you covered.
feet tall and 1 to 3
feet in diameter. 
These particular pines
have needle like
leaves in bundles of
2's or 3's, and are
between 8 and 11
inches long.  The bark
is rough, ashy to
reddish brown,  and
broken into irregular
plates.  Pines exude
heavy amounts of sap
and are a source of
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Platanaceae, Plane-tree
    Platanus, Sycamore