Our Contributors

As with any large project such as this, it would not be possible without the help, support and contributions of others.  From transportation to field trip planning, encouragement, technical support with finicky computers, help with learning or taking pictures themselves, a special thanks to those listed below:

Victoria Nichols- computer guru and much more
Jake Lusk- tree hunter, researcher, article writer, and proof reader
Kandy Cooper- ace of encouragement
William Leahy- photo contributor- West Indian Mahogany
Elliott Flint- photo contributor- Lodgepole Pine, Quaking Aspen

Thanks also to those graciously allowing us to use their published works:

Gary A. Monroe- Washoe Pine via USDA Plants Database
Olaf Ribeiro  PhD. CPAg, www.roberiotreehealth.com (inactive)- Sitka Spruce
Steven P. Darwin, Tulane University- Sitka Spruce


USDA Plants Database and Doug Goldman PhD.- images and distribution maps
CalPhotos. 2012. Regents of the University of California, Berkeley- images
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Native Strength, Native Beauty, Native Species
Native Strength, Native Beauty, Native Species
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