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        -Color denotes a tree that is rare or endangered
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Welcome to our quick fact page of trees topping the records or tipping the scales.  Check out some of the giants listed below or find the trees with the most impressive stats.  We are always adding to this page, so please feel free to make a suggestion!


Tallest conifer in the Northeast: Pinus strobus, Eastern White Pine. Mature height 150 ft.
Tallest conifer in North America is the 379 foot tall redwood in California named Hyperion


Pine cones- largest in the WORLD belong to Pinus lambertiana, Sugar Pine.  Can be 26 inches long!
Acorns- the largest in North America belong to Quercus macrocarpa, Bur Oak.


Cones- Pinus coulteri, Coulter Pine of California. Weighing up to 5 pounds!

Most fire resistant:

1. Chestnut oak
2. Pitch Pine, Pinus rigida Mill.
3. Red Pine, Pinus resinosa Aiton
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