Washington is home to a wide variety of trees, many not found elsewhere in North America. Its diversity is supported by the numerous types of habitats such as swamps, bottomlands, sandy hills and dunes, rivers and estuaries, brackish waterways, prairies, and more.  The Apalachicola National Forest in central Florida showcases the abundant flora and fauna in this dynamic but fragile ecosystem.   Tree families in Washington are:

A to Z list by scientific name

Maple (Aceraceae)
Pine (Pincaceae)
     Douglas-Firs and True Firs (Pseudotsuga and Abies)
Pine (Pinus)
     Spruce (Picea)
Larches/Tamaracks (Larix)
     Hemlocks (Tsuga)

Yew (Taxaceae) 
The Evergreen State, Alki- Eventually'
State Tree: Western Hemlock
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Native Trees of Washington