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Pinus albicaulis Engelm-White Bark Pine, Scrub Pine
Pinus balfouriana Balf.- Foxtail Pine
Pinus clausa (Chapm ex Engelm.) Vasey ex Sarg.- Sand Pine, Scrub Pine, Spruce Pine
Pinus contorta
Douglas ex Louden- Tamarack Pine, Rocky Mountain Lodgepole Pine, Interior
                                                          Lodgepole Pine, Tall Lodgepole Pine, Sierra Lodgepole Pine, Shore
                                                          Pine, Mendocino Shore Pine

Pinus coulteri
- Coulter Pine, California Coulter Pine Big-Cone Pine, Nut Pine, Pitch Pine
Pinus echinata Mill.- Shortleaf Pine, Shortleaf Yellow Pine, Southern Yellow Pine, Yellow Pine,
                                 Shortstraw  Pine, Arkansas Soft Pine, Old Field Pine

Pinus elliottii
Englem.- Slash Pine, Yellow Slash Pine, Swamp Pine, Pitch Pine, South Florida Slash
                                     Pine, Dade County Slash Pine, Dade County Pine, Cuban Pine

Pinus glabra
(Walter)- Spruce Pine, Walter Pine, Walter's Pine, Bottom White Pine, Cedar Pine
Pinus jeffreyi
Grev. & Balf- Jeffrey Pine
Pinus lambertiana Douglas- Sugar Pine
Pinus palustris Mill.- Longleaf Pine, Longstraw Pine, Southern Yellow Pine, Longleaf Yellow Pine,
                                 Swamp Pine, Georgia Pine

Pinus ponderosa
C. Lawson- Bull Pine, Blackjack Pine, Big Heavy Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Ponderosa
                                                White Pine, Sierra Brown Bark Pine, Silver Pine, Western Pitch Pine,
                                                Western Red Pine, Western Yellow Pine, Yellow Pine, Yosemite Pine
Pinus ponderosa Lawson & C. Lawson var. washoensis- Washoe Pine, Yellow Pine
Pinus pungens Lamb.- Table-Mountain Pine, Hickory Pine, Mountain Pine, Prickly Pine, Southern
                                      Mountain Pine

Pinus resinosa
Aiton- Red Pine, Eastern Red Pine, Norway Pine, Pin Rouge
Pinus rigida
Mill.- Pitch Pine, Candlewood Pine, Torch Pine
Pinus serotina
Michx.- Pond Pine, Swamp Pine, Pocosin Pine
Pinus strobus
L.- Eastern White Pine
Pinus taeda L.- Loblolly Pine, Bull Pine, Oldfield Pine, Shortleaf Pine, North Carolina Pine, Arkansas Pine
Pinus virginiana
Mill.- Virginia Pine, Jersey Pine, Oldfield Pine, Possum Pine, Poverty Pine, Scrub Pine
                                  Spruce Pine

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Welcome to the Pine A-Z list. We have listed them by scientific name because it is a constant and does not vary region to region or person to person.  We have included the various common names associated with each scientific name to help you find the right tree.  Some common names can apply to more than one tree species, so if you are having trouble narrowing down your search, take a look at our A-Z Common Name List to see which scientific names match up to the common name you are searching for. 
This is not a comprehensive list but we are working on adding more all the time.  We hope you find our site helpful!
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