Eastern native trees
Photo courtesy Steven Darwin, Tulane University
Alaska truely deserves to be called
America's 'Last Frontier'.  There are 127
million acres of forested lands in Alaska, which is
17% of all the forests in the United States.  Its vast
forests are home to tree champions, abundant
wildlife and once held mystical golden Sitka Spruce,
the only known specimen of its kind. The sacred tree
of the native people, it was a wonder to the culture
that grew up around it and to the scientific
community.  Unfortunately, the tale is sad and tragic
as the tree was cut down in the 1990's by a
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Native Trees of Alaska
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State Tree: Sitka Spruce
sitchensis, Sitka Spruce, grows at a moderate pace and may reach
40 feet in 20 years. 
   An evergreen conifer, this native tree plays an important part of the
Alaskan ecosystem.  Ninety percent of blue grouse bird's winter diet
is Sitka Spruce needles. In other areas of it's range, it provides crucial
winter shelter for Sitka deer. It is also important economically as
Alaska's most important timber tree.  The wood of Sitka Spruce is
strong, with a good strength to weight ratio, and is used to make high
quality masts for sail boats, oars and racing sculls.  Musical
instruments such as guitars and piano sound boards are also often
made from Sitka Spruce wood due to the woods high resonant quality.
High grade wood pulp and plywood is also made from Picea
sitchensis wood.
   The largest Sitka Spruce is found in the Quinault Rainforest in
Washington.  It is a whopping 18 feet, 9 inches in diameter, 191 feet
tall and is estimated to be at least 1,000 years old. 
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Sitka Spruce tends to grow at lower elevations, near sea level up to 3,900 feet in Alaska.   
It is more tolerant of sea spray than most trees and can be found near shorelines and brackish
bogs in it's southern range and from seaside to timber lines in the northern part.  Sitka Spruce
are large and extremely long lived trees.  They typically grow 150 to 200 feet tall, some taller,
with a 3 to 6 foot wide trunk (some MUCH wider) and live well past 800 years.  Picea
Photo citation: Olaf Ribeiro, PhD, CPAg-
Ribeiro Tree Evaluations Inc.
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Alaska Tree Facts
Forested acres: 127 million
Percent of total area forested:
Percent of total United States Forested Area: 17%
Number of Forest Regions: 3
Number of urban trees: inventories in progress
Number of Tree city USA communities: 8
Number of invasive trees/shrubs: 1 of concern
(see state list for noxious/invasive plants)
Most damaging insect (to trees): Spruce bark beetles
Number of tree families in our collection: 7
Number of endangered or threatened species in our collection:

Alaska Division of Forestry Annual Report, 2011. (pdf)
Alaska Forest Health Conditions Report, 2011 (pdf)

Additional state resources:
Alaska Division of Forestry
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Follow the links to view species native to Alaska. If the genus is not linked, species are listed on the family page.

Aceraceae, Maple
Betulaceae, Birch
    Alnus, Alder
Caprifoliaceae, Honeysuckle
    Juniperus, Juniper
    Thuja, Arborvitae
Alaska Tree Families and Genera
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Please note: This is not a complete list of all native tree families and species found in Alaska. We are constantly working towards a more comprehensive list and will add families and their species as completed. 
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Pinaceae, Pine
    Abies, Fir
    Larix, Larch
    Picea, Spruce
    Pinus, Pine
    Pseudotsuga, Douglas Fir
    Tsuga, Hemlock
Rosaceae, Rose
    Crataegus, Hawthorn
    Prunus, Plum/Cherry
Salicaceae, Willow
    Populus, Cottonwood
    Salix, Willow
Taxaceae, Yew
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Alaska Endangered or Threatened Tree Species
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North American Rare and Endangered Trees

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This is not a comprehensive list but we are always working on adding more and will update accordingly.

Salix reticula ssp. glabellicarpa- Netleaf Willow (shrub/subshrub)
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disgruntled man in what he claims was a protest against the logging companies.  Several
cuttings had been taken in previous years and new ones were made from the remains of the
original so all hope is not lost on restoring this seriously one of a kind tree.  You can read
more about it here.
The Last Frontier, 'North to the Future'